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Fiona Bengtsson


Sunshine Coast business writer

In over your head?

I’m a business writer and love to work by playing with words. 

Need some content but your head is full of a wordy whirlpool instead? You want to make a splash but don’t have time for wordplay? Or maybe you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly flavour. I hear you! 

These are only three of a gazillion scenarios I can help you with for personality oozing writing that creates waves.

business copywriter

Sunshine Coast based business writer and storyteller

Because stories sell.

How I work

My process is personalised to you. The beginning is a discovery tour of what you want, what you have that’s unique and what your audience wants. Then the words get crafted and tweaked and polished before being let loose in the wild. But that’s only part of the story.

My secret is in getting to the heart and soul of the matter, telling that special story, burrowing in to find the real feels that niggle, nudge and compel.

Business writing – the broad process



Discovery chat together about what you have in mind



I get creative to develop the
copy or content you need. We
review some drafts together.



You use the content any way
you want.

Your business writer

What I do

Studio Deepwater is equal parts business writer, storyteller and environmental scientist. Combined, I offer a boutique service supported by quality writing that’s credible, readable and relatable.

Creative Copy & Content

Newsletter and blog articles

Web page content

Tailored resumes

Grant applications

Product descriptions

Case studies that tell a story

Staff profiles that rock

Environment in Business

Enviro friendly business guidance

Eco product descriptions

Jargon busting

Fact finding

Green business check ups

Scientific & Technical Writing

Environment, science and engineering specialities

Copy polishing

Content research

Report reviews and editing

Environmental assessments

About your business writer

Hi. I’m Fiona, writer and word geek. Also curious environmental stickybeak and boundary pusher. A mighty combo when you want words to woo clients.

Mostly, though, I believe that our connections with each other make the world go round. This is the reason I take the time to connect with you to create a great working relationship along with cool copy.


What they say

copywriter testimonial

"In my experience, poorly written reports are the #1 reason projects go badly.  Nine times out of ten the required work has been completed; it is just poorly communicated. As a reviewer, wordy and repetitive technical reports can be a real brain strain whilst a well written report is a breath of fresh air. 

Fiona is a clear communicator.  Her science background and broad experience enable her to communicate concepts and scenarios concisely.  She can relate to specific project nuances and break down complex technical issues into information and ideas that are easier to read, understand and implement. Understanding the audience and tailoring the communication to suit is a skill Fiona has mastered."
– Christian Atkinson, Principal Geologist, Grounded Environmental

"I just love [the blog post] and love your style. I wish I was more creative when it comes to design. The best I can do is wack some photos up. Thank goodness for your incredible words. I so appreciate your time to have written this piece."
– Annette Hesselmans, founder Paper Sailors Rock and RYA Yachtmaster Instructor

"Fiona shapes our reports into the product we thought we had achieved, and then adds a little extra."

– Andrew Winters, Director, Environmental Advisors

"Fiona with Studio Deepwater has been an invaluable asset over the past few months. The attention to detail and ease with which she was able to package my previous roles and experiences, formatting them into a professional corporate-friendly resume really did wonders and I feel it was the defining factor in securing an interview for what is now my current role. Thank you Studio Deepwater, I couldn’t have done it without you!"
– Isaac B., Guide Manager, Saffire Freycinet

"People will forget what you said but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou

Examples of who I’ve worked with

enviro tech experience
enviro tech writer
real estate copywriting
enviro tech writing